Take the quiz, win the trip to Lithuania

Foreign ministry of Lithuania encourages foreigners, who are interested in everything Lithuanian to take the quiz and win a trip to Lithuania.

The quiz is here. You have to register and then they send you the code to your email, which you use to activate the quiz.

The quiz is quite simple, for those, who are really interested in Lithuania and who can google, of course:) (there is no time limit for answering the questions).

I managed to get 22 answers correctly (out of 25), so am not going to win the trip:)

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One Response to Take the quiz, win the trip to Lithuania

  1. Pathfinder says:

    Well, I took a quiz without googling. 18 out of 25 despite I am Lithuanian and born in Vilnius. I think ministry wants people to do some search while answering questions. Donno if it’s fun.

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